How to Make YOUR Family a High Performance Family

Joanne Stern teaches specific strategies and methodologies that promote healthy families, protect family wealth, and increase family unity and joy. Her warm and caring style encourages active participation and spirited interaction. She creates a safe environment in which a wide variety of topics can be explored and discussed with sensitivity and respect. Joanne facilitates conversations which are often too difficult without the neutrality of a skilled professional.

Family Health Assessment

Understanding your family — its values and goals, strengths and weaknesses, history and legacy, traits and dynamics, relationships and individual personalities — is the most important first step toward becoming a High Performance Family. As you work with Joanne, you’ll learn to strengthen relationships and work together more effectively to make good family decisions. Family members will:

  • Use MBTI personality assessments to identify unique characteristics of individuals and the family as a whole.
  • Examine family goals.
  • Uncover troubling issues and potential problems that could undermine future success.
  • Increase levels of trust, bonding and harmony among family members.
  • Learn more effective communication skills to be able to have difficult conversations.
  • Come to appreciate each family member’s unique personality and learn how to accommodate differences.


Establishing Your Family Council

An essential part of building a healthy multi-generational family includes developing a strong system of self-governance called a “Family Council”, which stabilizes the family and carries it forward successfully even after the matriarch and patriarch are gone. Working with Joanne, families will begin to develop their own unique system of governance that fits for their family. We will cover:

  • What is a family council and why your family needs one.
  • What family philosophies, higher purpose, culture and values will guide your family’s system of governance.
  • How a family council can address the 5 capitals—financial, human, intellectual, social and spiritual—to propel your family toward lasting success.
  • How to separate family from family business.
  • Writing a family mission statement and family council charter.
  • Creating a plan to ensure a solid foundation for your family council for generations to come.


Skills for Long Term Success

Long-term family success depends on the strength of family relationships. And good relationships depend first and foremost on mutual trust and good communication. But healthy communication skills don’t come naturally—they have to be learned, even in intimate family relationships. Joanne will help your family members:

  • Establish guidelines for interacting respectfully with each other.
  • Address current family issues as a basis for building the skills necessary to discuss and resolve them.
  • Learn tools for communicating more effectively, building or rebuilding trust, resolving conflicts, negotiating and compromising.
  • Discover individual family members’ perspectives on your family, how you are perceived by others and how you can build more solid relationships within your family.


Problem Solving and Change Management

Whether you’re facing a crisis, addressing an ongoing family problem, or seeking to create meaningful change in your family culture or family business, Joanne will help your family overcome obstacles and find a path to success. It is common among affluent families for problems such as divorce, addiction, death or mental illness to throw the family into chaos. As families try to face their challenges alone, they can become frozen in their pain, often not knowing where to turn for help. Joanne’s work is tailored to meet the unique needs of your family’s exact circumstances to:

  • Deal with the most difficult challenges.
  • Create a succession plan for heirs.
  • Develop family values.
  • Align financial goals.
  • Build a more positive family culture.
  • Teach family members how to make good joint decisions that will bring family members together with increased harmony and joy.


Designing Your Legacy

What if you could design a perpetuating legacy for your family that would enable the success of your descendants—a legacy that you and all of your family could be proud of? This legacy would be driven by your values and visions. It would enhance the lives of your family members, nurturing them long into the future and guiding their behaviors and strategies. In order to create the family infrastructure required to keep your family aligned, collaborating, and committed to family harmony and prosperity. Joanne will help your family members:

  • Strengthen your family relationships—the life-force of your family.
  • Develop your core—the culture that will keep your family on track.
  • Create your family governance system to work together for many generations.
  • Determine your policies in alignment with your family’s goals.
  • Set strategies and activities to make your impact on your community and the world.



Parenting Your Young and Adult Children

Parenting is the hardest and most important job you’ll ever have. And maintaining strong, positive relationships with your children is the parenting key to ensure success for your family now and in the future. But it requires great understanding and skill to learn to communicate openly with your kids and to create a connection that will weather anything life throws your way. Whether your kids are teens or adults, they still appreciate your knowledge, experience and wisdom—if you treat them with respect and dignity. Joanne will help you:

  • Understand the “culture of affluence” and the additional layer of challenges for children who grow up with wealth.
  • Learn how to impart solid values to your kids in a world of that focuses on materialism.
  • Communicate in such a way as to develop mutual trust and respect—whether your kids are young or adult.
  • Maintain meaningful relationships with your children—and in-laws—as they build lives of their own.
  • Resolve the tensions and conflicts that are getting in the way of family harmony.




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