High Performance Families

Preserving Wealth and Happiness for Generations

In her latest book, Dr. Joanne Stern offers valuable insight into how families can form the basis for good joint decision making. Through poignant, real-life stories, she teaches readers how to build excellent communication skills, establish deep trust – founded in consistent, reciprocal responsible behavior – among family members, and prepare rising generation family members to be great stewards and inheritors, all of which can help a family govern itself well. High Performance Families is a seriously learned discussion, grounded in Joanne’s years of experience as a psychotherapist counseling families, as well as her years as a member of a wealthy family system. All of that has prepared her well for the important task of giving any family a fair chance to be in the 15% of families that successfully transition their wealth to the next generation rather than the 85% who fail. One of her many key observations is that families are composed of four qualitative capitals (human, intellectual, social, and spiritual) and one quantitative capital (financial). She helps readers appreciate that a family’s success lies in growing the first four capitals – supported by the dynamic preservation of the fifth capital. By growing all five capitals, families can develop a culture that enables them to sustain themselves for multiple generations and thereby become a high performance family.


Praise for High Performance Families
  • You hold in your hand a remarkable book. I consider it the families ‘owner’s-manual’ that all of us should have been given at birth. Dr. Stern has taken complex relationship matters, removed all the jargon and psycho-babble that drives me crazy, and created a user-friendly guide to fixing broken families or fine-tuning more functional ones with steps that can be implemented immediately.–G. Joseph McLiney, President, McLiney and Company

  • With clear and engaging writing, High Performance Families will help you and your family overcome the problems that threaten your family’s collective well-being today and its multigenerational legacy for the future. Read it, absorb it, and put its recommendations into action. I think you will be very glad you did.”–Kenneth P. Metcalfe, President, The Kenrich Group, LLC

  • High Performance Families speaks to the challenges and opportunities that face every family with wealth or a family business, and it does so in a positive and productive way. With short chapters, each beginning with an engaging real-life story and ending with a series of practical suggestions, this book should serve as an invaluable resource for many families and family offices.–Dr. Keith Whitaker, President, Wise Counsel Research

  • Joanne Stern’s book is a real gem. It is filled with practical advice for families of wealth, made accessible through countless stories and real-life anecdotes. . . High Performance Families tackles difficult issues such as trust between family members, addictions, parent-child struggles, and communication between life partners. These are the very issues that make or break what happens to us in life. I can easily recommend Dr. Stern’s book for its wisdom and its heart.”–James Grubman PhD, Owner, FamilyWealth Consulting; author of Strangers in Paradise: How Families Adapt to Wealth Across Generations

Parenting Is a Contact Sport

8 Ways to stay connected to your kids for life

Build a relationship with your children that’s so strong, nothing will sever it. From toddlerhood to teen years and beyond, you can make ‘real’ contact with your kids, forming an unbreakable bond that makes you the person they want to share with and gives you the opportunity to guide and counsel them in every phase of their lives.

In Parenting Is a Contact Sport, you will discover how to:

  • Communicate openly with your kids and create a connection that will weather anything life throws your way
  • Help your children learn from their experiences, even through the storms of adolescence, by using effective discipline
  • Stay in touch with the realities of your kids’ lives so you can continue to talk with them, even when they’re dealing with such important issues as sex and drugs
  • Increase the influence you have over their choices and behaviors so that, even when you can’t be there, they use good judgment
  • Develop mutual trust and respect that improves your kids’ self-esteem and brings joy and laughter into your home


Praise for Parenting Is a Contact Sport
  • This is exactly the kind of book I wish I’d had when I was raising my two kids. Simple concepts made easy by a double pro. Brava!”–Linda Ellerbee, author of Take Big Bites and executive producer of Nick News

  • A marvelous book that transcends the usual parenting advice and focuses on one-to-one relationships. Perfect for a new parent as well as anyone longing to reconnect with their child.”–Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me

  • Parenting Is a Contact Sport is that valuable, wisdom-packed book that is always there for you as you navigate the challenges of parenthood.”–SuEllen Fried, founder of BullySafeUSA and coauthor of Bullies, Targets & Witnesses: Helping Children Break the Pain Chain