Joanne helps families solve problems, repair trust, improve communication and make better cohesive decisions, which leads to greater success and happiness.

Are you experiencing any of the following?
  • Have communication difficulties caused a breakdown of your family relationships?
  • Is your family ready to organize itself and create a system of family self-governance that sets out your family values and visions and prepares your family members for the future when the matriarch and patriarch are no longer here?
  • Are you experiencing conflicts within your family that threaten to break the family apart and cause irreparable damage to family unity, the family business or the family wealth?
  • Have you had trouble integrating a spouse or adult child into the family business?
  • Is your family struggling with how to support and prepare heirs to make responsible family and business decisions and to receive their inheritance?
  • Are issues of mental or physical health, addiction, divorce or death crippling your family?
  • Has distrust crept into family relationships making it difficult to have productive discussions?
  • Is it time to match your purpose with your plan in creating your estate plan?

Joanne has worked with a wide range of families to help them
reach their goals and make positive change that will last.

  • Some families are in a tangle. Joanne steps into the tangle and helps family members solve problems, rebuild trust, learn communication skills, and bring order into the chaos so everyone can function better — not only now, but also long into the future.
  • Other families function pretty well, but they need an objective eye to see things they cannot see on their own. Joanne helps them sort through common family matters, discover potential problems that lie on their horizon, maintain a cohesive unit even when the family grows and expands, and stay focused on their path to long term success.
  • Yet other families need help getting organized and structured to thrive after the matriarch and patriarch are gone. Joanne helps families work together to create their family council, a forum in which family members come together to discuss important family concerns and learn to make good family decisions including: family policies, incorporating the rising generations, and envisioning their future.

Joanne’s work is highly confidential, and she respects the privacy and sensitive nature of family issues. Although many families face similar challenges, she designs and tailors her work to meet the specific needs of each individual family. She travels to wherever the family lives and works in concentrated blocks of time to help each family meet its own specific goals.



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