Praise for Joanne Stern’s Consulting

Compassionate Guidance

“Every now and then, a few wise people emerge with special compassion and competence for guiding us through the kinds of human challenges that test our ability to think, act and even love. Joanne Stern is such a person.”

— Jean McLendon | President, The Virginia Satir Global Network, Psychotherapist and Consultant, Chapel Hill, NC

Trusted Advisor

“As the beneficiary of the fourth generation of wealth created by my great-grandfather, it is my desire to be able to transfer these resources to my children and future generations of my family, together with the core values we hold dear, including the desire to help those less fortunate and without the resources we have been blessed with. The skills, tools and insights Dr. Joanne Stern provides have been able to turn dysfunctional, often destructive situations and relationships into positive settings for good decision making and management styles that have contributed to successful business and family relationships for me and my family. It is a pleasure to know Joanne and to count her as one of our trusted advisors.”

— Joseph A. Scott, Aspen, CO | President and financial analyst, JAScott Investments, LLP
President, Scott Treatment Scholarship Fund | Board of Trustees, Betty Ford Center Foundation,
 Former Vice-President, Rocky Mountain Bank Note Company and ROMO Corporation

Family Council Success

“After the passing of our matriarch and patriarch, our family was whirling in the chaos of a leadership void, unable to face family conflicts and difficult choices that had previously been settled (for better or for worse) by our elders. Dr. Joanne Stern was quintessential in helping us find a healthy and productive way to move forward, working closely with us to create a family council with a clear mission and objectives. Through the process we have bonded, changing from a family culture of distrust and secrecy to one of trust, respect and communication. We are like a whole new family — ready to face any challenge, to grow and to prosper together — and we couldn’t’ have gotten here without Joanne.”

— A.H., Colorado

Deeper Family Bonds

“Knowing of potential conflicts among my family members, I engaged Joanne to explore the need for establishing a ‘family council’ with my adult children and our spouses. Initially there was not much enthusiasm . . . for spending most of a weekend on the subject but, because I thought it was important, the invitees somehow found the time.  At the conclusion of our initial time together, there was a realization that establishing guidelines on how we could make joint family decisions on a wide range of issues without causing debilitating friction may be even more important than the primary focus of a Family Office.

Joanne proved to be very skillful, and the six of us that were involved in the process developed an appreciation for the benefits of her counsel, her expertise in helping all family members bond at a deeper level, and the establishment of a professional relationship/personal friendship that I envision will continue to be of value in the future.  We have not yet finished our initial task of documenting a Family Charter but, thanks to Joanne’s guidance, we are getting close!”

— Billy Hale, Managing Partner, Rube Holdings, Ltd., Houston, TX

Long-term Confidant

“Joanne Stern has been an advisor, confidant, and resource to our family for the past 18 years. We can always count on her wisdom and her providing a ‘safe haven’. Joanne’s work is the needed ingredient for family financial health: estate planning can be provided by financial professionals and attorneys, but the hard part is making family dynamics work.”

— Richard and Harriet Gottlieb | former Chairman and CEO, Lee Enterprises, Phoenix, AZ

Focusing on ‘Family’

“All too often the ‘family’ aspect of wealthy families is left to take care of itself, while the business and estate aspects are well tended to. Ultimately, if the ‘family’ aspect is not tended to with the same vigor as the business and estate are, chaos ensues and wealth is lost. Joanne Stern has worked with our family to bring a much needed focus on ‘family.’ With Joanne’s help our new, vibrant family environment ensures that generations of wealth will not only survive but thrive.”

– L.S., Utah

Creating Harmony

“Even though my siblings and I get along and spend a lot of family time together, we were struggling with how to organize ourselves so that we will be able to hold our family together and make the best decisions about our family business after our parents are gone. We were sooo blessed to have met Dr. Joanne Stern to consult with our family and help us create our Family Council.

During our meetings together, so many family issues have come up that we avoided in the past, thinking we could never work through the ‘elephant in the living room.’ However, with Joanne’s help, we are learning to deal with the hot topics with the least amount of emotion and find solutions that create more harmony among us.

Joanne has taught us how to bring things into the light and discuss things we were not able to discuss before. Because we are talking more openly and honestly than we ever have, we are becoming a much more effective family. We are so grateful to Joanne because we realize we could never have done this on our own. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in our situation.”

—E. P., Illinois

Money and Time Well Spent

“Working with Joanne has been a major blessing for my family. Our sessions with her brought everyone closer together. She helped us to understand some important personality differences between our family members. And she showed us how to communicate more effectively by taking into account these differences. She also helped bring some deep-seated personal issues of some family members out into the open so we could confront those issues together. I believe that working with Joanne was a huge leap forward for my family in terms of our communication and family harmony. And she has given ongoing support to the family members that need it. She has been a warm and positive force in our lives.

I would strongly recommend any family, but especially those with ‘family offices’, to book a session with Joanne right away. Even if you don’t think you have any ‘issues’ I promise that you’ll be surprised at what comes up. Joanne is an expert in helping family members understand one another better, which is critical for family unity over time. The time and money that you spend will be a fantastic bargain. After all, improved communications and harmony between family members is critical to your family’s long-term happiness.

— Will Bonner, Executive Director, Bonner & Partners Family Office, Delray Beach, FL



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