Joanne Stern helps families resolve complex people problems in order to protect family health and happiness and sustain family wealth.


Joanne works together with families to:

  • Develop high performance families that are proactive in addressing important family matters and committed to the healthy family relationships proven to preserve long-term family wealth and happiness.
  • Design a legacy that reflects family values and visions and that garners family buy-in to ensure it lasts for generations.
  • Create a system of self-governance that promotes good joint decision making, preparation of heirs, and family unity long into the future.

Most families strive for prosperity. They want to preserve not only their financial wealth — they also want family harmony and a cohesive family unit.

But, it is a well-established fact that at least 70% of families (and 90% of family businesses) lose their wealth by the time it gets to their grandchildren. It is also a fact that no amount of legal counsel, estate planning, or expert wealth management will make your family more likely to be in the 30% who preserve their wealth and happiness across generations. Why? Families lose their wealth because families fall apart.


Gone in 3 Generations

70% of families will lose their wealth by the time it reaches their grandchildren.

The basic problem lies within the family itself.

So what do the 30% do that make them successful? They focus on their families. These high performance families invest time and resources into people and relationships. They do the hard work necessary to learn about their family dynamics, understand their family problems and face them head on. They are intimately involved in issues that matter to the family system as a whole. They relentlessly concentrate on keeping the family together, and they actively strive to be happy. Your family can, too.


Make YOUR Family a High Performance Family

Family Health Assessment

Understanding your family — its values and goals, strengths and weaknesses, history and legacy, traits and dynamics, relationships and individual personalities — is the most important first step toward becoming a High Performance Family.

Problem Solving and Change Management

Whether you’re facing a crisis, addressing an ongoing family problem, or seeking to create meaningful change in your family culture or family business, Joanne will help your family overcome obstacles and find a path to success.

Establishing Your Family Council

An essential part of building a healthy multi-generational family includes developing a strong system of self-governance called a “Family Council”, which stabilizes the family and carries it forward successfully even after the matriarch and patriarch are gone.

Designing Your Legacy

What if you could design a perpetuating legacy for your family that would enable the success of your descendants—a legacy that you and all of your family could be proud of?

Skills for Long Term Success

Long-term family success depends on the strength of family relationships. And good relationships depend first and foremost on mutual trust and good communication. But healthy communication skills don’t come naturally — they have to be learned,. . .

Parenting Your Young and Adult Children

Parenting is the hardest and most important job you’ll ever have. And maintaining strong, positive relationships with your children is the parenting key to ensure success for your family now and in the future.

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